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  • Into the woods

    Our heroes set off over the [[Wyrnan]] river in search of [[:47395]]. The tracks of the armies leads them north where rumours of Hobgoblins marauding the nearby villages start to emerge. [[:49169 | Gawrin]] and [[:svarog | Svarog]] manage to track down a …

  • Main Page

    The campaign runs in the [[Eberron]] setting, more specifically centred in [[Aundair]]. The player characters mostly hail from [[Aundair]], even though the [[Eldeen Reaches]] and [[Karrnath]] are also represented in the group.

  • Eldeen Reaches

    The Eldeen Reaches declared itself independent from [[Aundair]] in 958 [[Year of the Kingdom|Y.K.]] and was officially recognised as a sovereign nation in the [[Treaty of Thronehold]] 996 [[Year of the Kingdom|Y.K.]]. The ruling class of [[Aundair]] still …

  • Wyr

    Wyr is an [[Aundair|Aundairian]] city on the east bank of the [[Wyrnan river]]. Since the secession of the [[Eldeen Reaches]] Wyr has become more important as the garrison town for the central stretch of the river. The [[Eldeen Reaches|Eldeen]] border is …