A longsword of unknown origin. The blade is blackened and feels somehow malignant.

weapon (melee)

Lifedrinker is a +3 longsword with the following properties and powers.
Enhancement: Attack and damage rolls
Critical: +3d6 damage.

  • Once per day, if the Sword has been used to help defeat a living enemy, it must feed. If allowed: the owner is stunned until the start of his or her next turn. If not allowed: The owner looses a heaning surge as the sword feeds on him or her, and is stunned until the end of his or her next turn.
  • You gain vulnerable 10 radiant.

Lifedrinker is kept in the vaults of the Tower of the Eyes. An agent brought it in from a mission during the war. The documents regarding the mission are sealed, but the logs on Lifedrinker tells of him complaining about how “the sword seemed to be feeding on him as much as on his enemies”.


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