Wolfram Reiger d'Deneith

Honourable, law-abiding, slow-witted and brutish.


Born and raised a Deneith mercenary of the blademark guild. He was one of the few sent to the Rekkenmark Academy for a year after the war ended, and he performed well. However, since the academy also focuses on military history and theoretical tactical studies in addition to combat abilities, Wolfram never could achieve top marks.

Wolfram sort of resents the war being over as he never got to prove himself in a ‘real’ battle, but on the other hand as he was chosen as one of a few dozen Deneith representatives to the Aundairian court he feels somewhat better. This mission that will last for up to two years will hopefully let him prove his combat prowess and commitment to the House.

Wolfram is rather naïve and not a great military mind. He has an uncanny knack for spotting weaknesses and using those to the full extent in a combat situation. He was by far the best duellist in the whole academy during his time spent there, and the extensive training he received from his House has honed this skill to a deadly precision.

Wolfram Reiger d'Deneith

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