Aundairs Avengers

Into the woods
Dungeon of fools (or possibly hobgoblins)

Our heroes set off over the Wyrnan river in search of Ruth ir’Dhakaan. The tracks of the armies leads them north where rumours of Hobgoblins marauding the nearby villages start to emerge. Gawrin and Svarog manage to track down a nest of Hobgoblings, but after a brief ambush it turns out thet these were not the Hobgoblins the party was looking for.

Even further north they spot a hidden entrance to the dungeons beneath a ruined fortress that turns out to lead to Ruth ir’Dhakaans headquarters. After a long dungeoncrawl our esteemed heroes manage to kill Ruth ir’Dhakaan, rout the Hobgoblins, destroy the undead menaces that roamed the dungeon and rescue most of a number of prisoners the Hobgoblins had captured from the nearby city of Owls Pearch.

When returning the prisoners to Owls Pearch the characters receive a hearty welcome only to be driven off by an enraged mob later the same night. Apparently not all of the citizenry had left the feelings from the Last War behind. The characters were ferried off by a friendly citizen of the town and was taken down towards the Aundarian city of Wyr where they could report the destruction of the threat posed by Ruth ir’Dhakaan to Urik and hand over the letters they found on ir’Dhakaans body. These letters clearly indicated that the Hobgoblin had support from someone who called himself Lord Blood.

The Eldeen threat
the adventure begins!

After staying a night in the picturesque village of Weirthorp the characters find themselves as the champions of the town as a large army of goblins and kobolds cross the border from the Eldeen Reaches and besiege the small village fort. After staving off the initial assault a detachment of the 13:th light cavalry arrives from Wyr led by Captain Alem ir’Hadar. The characters the infiltrate the kobold/goblin camp and eliminates the tribe leaders. Without their leadership the army falters and are driven off by the light cavalry’s charge. However the characters find a scroll detailing the order to attack Weirthorp signed by Ruth ir’Dhakaan.

wolfram rulez agin!Ruth ir’Dhakaan

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